Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hi there, and welcome.

Hi there everyone,

Welcome to my Blog, i am very new at this kind of thing so please bare with me.

Let me explain quickly who i am and what this blog is all about,

I am Anna, i am a 32 years old, married to Dimitris, and we have 4 year old son Johnny.

I don't consider my self to be a Crafter, I'm just a crafty person. (I have many things still to learn before i call my self a crafter)

I love crafting, but i never had time to craft (working to much). Recently i decided to quit my job and just take a brake for a year and see what i can do. (that was 6 month ago...)

So what I'm going to do here is show you what i have done with the DIY's i find interesting and fun, (some with my own little twist.

I hope you like what i make and i am very open to any comments you have good or bad (i can take it!!!)